A typical day at CHOT


At Children’s House, the day begins when the teachers greet you at your car to escort your child into the classroom. The children have free time at the start of the day to catch up with their friends and work off a little extra energy before settling in to their classroom activities. After this, the students come to circle for some group activities and to focus their attention on the day ahead. The students then begin their daily work cycle, which includes activities from any of the curriculum areas set up in the classroom --- reading, writing, math, science, geography, art, or practical life skills.

While some students engage in one-on-one teacher-directed lessons, other students choose to do work independently or in small groups. Visitors often see our students helping each other in their various lessons. These valuable interactions teach compassion, patience, leadership and confidence.

A second circle time brings the group back together for special lessons (such as music, art or special topics) or a book read by one of the teachers (or sometimes a parent or CHOT alumnus). The school day also includes a nutritious snack and outdoor play (weather permitting).

After the preschoolers leave, the kindergartners remain for additional instruction, which includes activities they will likely experience in traditional schools, such as timed tests.


Children’s House of Old Town

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