Board of directors


Children’s House has been a parent-owned school since it opened in 2000. Parent involvement is the keystone to the school’s success. Our parent-volunteers help organize fundraisers, bring guest teachers to the school (like the one shown above), and even serve as guest readers during circle time!

The board of directors is a special parent-volunteer group that works with the school’s director to make decisions that affect the school. They meet monthly throughout the year. The board has 4 officers and 3 at-large members. Each member is asked to serve a 3-year term.

Parents who are interested in serving on the board may approach any board member for more information. New board members typically begin serving in December.

2011-2012 Board

Barbara Simpson, president

Fred Pflueger, vice-president

Carol Sergi, secretary

Lori Simms, treasurer

Rose Marie Ball, director

Children’s House of Old Town

38 Chatham Heights Road, Fredericksburg, VA

  1. (540)373-0093  •  Office hours: 8 am - 3 pm